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Writer Stefanie Preissner Gets A New Clothesline Canopy

Clothesline Canopy was delighted to partner with writer Stefanie Preissner and gift her a clothesline for her new home!

Based in Dublin, Stefanie and her young family moved into a stunning new house with a new garden, making it the perfect blank canvas to put their own stamp on.

Stefanie opted to place her canopy on the side of her house, which she nicknames “Memory Alley”!

Understanding the importance of a perfect fit, she chose the 12ft Clothesline Canopy as the ideal solution for her laundry needs. Additionally, she worked with the Clothesline Canopy team to tailor the length to precisely 3ft 6 inches, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into her side alley. This customization ensures that every inch of available space is utilised efficiently.

The Clothesline Canopy came at just the right time for Stefanie as the summer storms have returned in full force! With its sturdy construction and waterproof fabric, the canopy offers a reliable shield against sudden showers and damp conditions. 

A functional and well-designed outdoor space is a valuable asset for any homeowner. With the Clothesline Canopy in place, Stefanie now has a designated area for drying laundry that doesn't interfere with other outdoor activities. By utilising the side alley, she maximises her available space, leaving the main areas of her backyard free for leisure and entertainment!