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Clothesline Canopy & Shauna O'Connor Collaborate!

Clothesline Canopy are back with another fantastic collaboration with one of Ireland’s best-known DIY Instagram influencers, Shauna O’Connor!

Known to her followers as @home.diy.diary, Shauna’s interactive social media focuses on all things home DIY, as well as tips and tricks to make family life just that little bit easier - enter Clothesline Canopy!

With a busy family of five, Shauna’s electricity bill was quickly totting up. Her tumble dryer was working overtime in an attempt to keep up with the loads of laundry produced by her active family’s lifestyle. 

Clothesline Canopy reached out to Shauna, offering a new way to do laundry! Beyond its basic functionality, Clothesline Canopy offers a range of benefits for homeowners like Shauna, looking to make the switch from electric dryers to a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative. 

As a big supporter of shopping local and buying Irish, Shauna was more than happy to collaborate with Clothesline Canopy. 

After an initial phone consultation, Shauna thought she didn’t have enough space for the 12ft clothesline she wanted until Tadgh swooped in with an unexpected solution! 

Securing the clothesline to the side of her garage meant Shauna could fit a bigger canopy while still having easy access to her washing from her backdoor. 

Shauna said: “I am constantly doing laundry and always running out of space so I’ll be able to hang a lot of laundry here and I’ll even be able to hang it on a rainy day and maybe finally get to the bottom of a laundry basket now! It’s 100% worth it!.